Hey there !
We're a couple and all our pieces are done by the two of us!


Please read our T.O.S before commission us !

Terms of service

UPDATE: 5/20/2022
Purchase any artwork from us means you accept the following terms
>>Customers MUST SEND US ALL INFORMATION RELEVANT TO THE COMMISSION. Example: If the commission is for size difference, please mention the height of the characters. Or if you want a specific body type for the character, attach a sample image or a short description. Please be as specific as you can with what you want for your commission.
We can only make a number of changes to the pieces and it helps us a lot if you send us visual references. Even a doodle in Paint will do, to give us an idea of what you want.
If this is not the case and you exceed the number of changes, we will not be able to make any more changes to the drawing.<<
⭐Except if the piece is a sketch/colored sketch Customers will receive a WIP before we do the lineart, pose changes may be made in this part, if you are not clear with the corrections I will not make more changes except with the color part.⭐All artwork files will be sent as a PNG or JPEG, the customer can request the PSD file of their piece (ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE and can’t delete my watermark, nobody is allowed to make changes on the file except for us)
____________________________________Corrections and fixing⭐The customer is allowed to request small fixes on their piece but once we sent it and you accept it we'll not make any changes. (this is applicable if you don't say anything when we deliver the final product)
Payment ⭐The customer will be placed into the queue until payment is made.⭐Payment will always be processed through PayPal (Only in EUR).⭐Payment must be made 100% upfront.Refunds and cancellations⭐Complete refunds may only be requested if little to no work has been made.⭐Refund amount will be docked dependent on how much work has been done and will be sent with work.⭐Cancellations at an artwork where the piece is half finished (coloring/shading part) or finished pieces, can't request a refund.Additional terms⭐I reserve the right to refuse any commission without needing to explain the reason.⭐The piece can be posted as many sites as you want, as long as you credit me for the work.⭐We can choose which pieces post or not without needing to explain the reason. And we’re allowed to post WIP’s, procedure images, etc. of the piece.⭐If you want your commission be private we'll charge an extra (%40 of the final price).⭐We don't send our linearts/sketch files, we don't feel comfortable with other people intervening in our work... we hope it's understandable.
We will have some editable linearts for you some other time !

Do and Don't draw

Will do:> Almost any kind of body types (muscles are a bit difficult for me, keep that in mind)
> No need to ask ! Any gender is more than welcome!
> Humans, kemonomimi
>Pastel gore/ Soft gore (Candy gore, fruit gore)
> Feral (Only SFW)
> Tentacle
> Sizeplay/Size Difference
> Petplay/Collar & Leash
> Mild BDSM/harnesses/ shibari, etc.
> Huge cocks and balls/ Huge breasts (No hyper tho, moderate size)
> Paws
> Lactation
> Mild transformation
NOPE:> Hyper: fat, muscle, breasts, genitalia, etc.
> Macro/Micro
> Vore
> NSFW with underage characters/ cubs
> Guro/ body horror
> Scat/eproctophilia
> Diapers
> Discriminatory Themes
> Animal vaginas
> Inflation
> Latex/Pooltoy/Plushie transformations
> Unusual body parts: dick nipples, cock tongues, etc.
> Oviposition
> Rape
> Feral in NSFW

About Us

★ TheInkGoat
★ I'm TheInkGoat and I do the flat color and shading !

★ Rice
★ I'm rice, I do the sketches and lineart !

Commission Prices

We take commissions through journals on Furaffinity and/or Twitter. VIP slots and discounts are only available on Patreon.
Feel free to send us a DM if you have any question about commissions !

Illustration Colored/Shaded

Full Body:1 Character : 60€
2 Character : 100€
Cum or any kind of liquid: 0€
BG + 30€
Extra versions, floating dicks(max 5 If u only want 1-2 it has no cost), tentacles:+20€

Illustration Colored/Flat color

Full Body:
50€ (Extra character+40€)
Extras: BG: +20€
Cum or any kind of liquid: No cost
Extra versions, floating dicks (max 5 If u only want 1-2 it has no cost), tentacles-- +10€

Drawing Page

1 character--200€
2 characters--300€
Per character:
Mostly artist freedom but will include 6 drawings as the examples aboveCum or any kind of liquid: No costExtra versions, floating dicks(max 5 If u only want 1-2 it has no cost), tentacles-- +20€


Simple :Name, 2 views, 1 object, 1 headshot, 1 chibi outfit-------120 €Complex:Name, box info (3), 3 chibi outfits, 3 headshots, 2 views -- 180€Fancy:2 views+color palette+3 head expression+3 chibi outfit+ info box+3 objects + mini illustration---- 290€Extras:Complex characters will be charged with an extra +10€ or 20€ depends on the complexityExtra objects: +7€Extra outfit: +8€Extra headshot: +10€


single: 45€
match icon: 75€


Simple, back and front view + a simple chibi
Base price: 210€
Add extras:
Extra objects: +10€
Extra outfit: +10€
Alt versions or complex designs will have an extra fee

Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions :D
We'll try to get back to you asap
Principal > Discord: Poli#2000
Secondary > Telegram: @TheRiceGoat